Brannen 10k Gold #8391

Brannen 10k Gold #8391

Product Code:Brannen 10K #8391 | Preowned PO23-27
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Brannen #8391 | Preowned 

This beautiful 10k Gold Brannen flute showcase's Brannen's brilliant craftsmanship and sound. This flute is in fantastic condition and has all the 'A-List' options such as offset G and C# Trill! 

10k Gold headjoint and body
Stering silver mechanism
Soldered tone holes (silver)
10K gold lip plate with 14k gold riser
Offset G
C# Trill
Low B footjoint
Synthetic pads
Made in 2017
Excellent Condition - COA just completed in September 2023! 
One Owner!

New, this flute sells for almost $32,000!