Yamaha Alto Flute 421 #Y00061

Yamaha Alto Flute 421 #Y00061

Product Code:Yamaha Alto Flute 421 #Y00061 | Preowned (POA-36)
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  • $5,950.00

Yamaha Alto Flute 421 #Y00061 | Preowned 

This gorgeous Alto Flute is a premium example of reliable Yamaha craftsmanship! The gold brass alloy allows for a lighter instrument that boasts a big and warm sound. The flute includes both a straight and curved headjoint! 

Gold-brass alloy headjoint & body 
Sterling silver lip plate & riser 
Drawn tone holes
Straight & curved headjoints!!
Silver-plated mechanism
Pointed key arms 
Key of G
One owner
Immaculate condition! 

New, this Alto would sell for over $7,900!