Kotato & Fukushima Bass Flute #693

Kotato & Fukushima Bass Flute #693

Product Code:Kotato Bass Flute #693 | Preowned (POB-10)
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Kotato & Fukushima Bass Flute #693 | Preowned 

An absolute rarity! Kotato and Fukushima of Japan produces exceptional low-harmony flutes, considered to be the epitome of unsurpassed low flute quality. This particular model features a silver headjoint, split E mechanism, and yes, a low B footjoint!! The Kotato Bass Flutes feature an ingenious support stick that allows the flutist to put the weight of the instrument on the support stick rather than one's hand or arm! 

Bass Flute in C
Silver headjoint
Silver-plated body 
Soldered tone holes 
Split E mechanism 
Low B footjoint 
Support stick
Superb condition, maintained immaculately by its one owner!

New, this Kotato Bass Flute would be over $18,400!