Powell Custom Piccolo #7325

Powell Custom Piccolo #7325

Product Code:Powell Custom Piccolo #7325 | Preowned PP-139
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Powell Custom Piccolo #7325 | Preowned

This beautiful custom Powell was made in 1987, and features an excellent response as well as an even sound throughout the registers! Included is a second headjoint option, a fabulous Zentner handcut by Kazuo Tokito of the Philadelphia Orchestra. This piccolo is being sold by the original owner and is in great playing condition! 

Grenadilla wood headjoint & body
Sterling silver mechanism and rings
Made in 1987
Includes 2nd headjoint - a Zentner (made by Roy Seaman and recut by Kazuo Tokito - former piccolo chair, Philadelphia Orchestra)
One owner!

This piccolo with 2 headjoints sells new for over $8,600!