Flutacious! accepts consignments of preowned (used) Flutes and Piccolos in all price ranges! 

We will also occasionally purchase instruments outright or in trade. Here is how our consignment process works:

a) We require that the seller show the instrument to Flutacious! for evaluation and pricing, though we can do preliminary pricing over the phone or via email.  

b) After determining the value of the instrument, we will suggest a listing price and any repairs that may be needed to ensure top performance.  We do sell instruments on an "as is" basis, but the listing price will reflect the condition of the instrument and Flutacious! will not include a warranty with the instrument if it is listed "as is".  Please note that instruments that need a lot of repair do not sell easily!   

c) Repair work needed consignment instruments will be invoiced upon completion of repairs and must (usually!) be paid prior to listing as well.

d) Flutacious! will obtain the seller's approval of the price before posting on our website, and a written consignment agreement must be signed prior to listing. We will not accept any offers on the instrument outside of the agreement without the seller/owner's permission.

e) Our standard consignment commission is 20% to 25% of the selling price.  We do have a minimum consignment rate.  

f) Your instrument will be insured while it is with Flutacious! and also while it is on trial. 

g) All instruments sold in excellent working order will include a warranty from Flutacious!  

As a general note, please do not send your instruments before contacting us first!  And if sending an instrument from outside the United States, please contact Flutacious! for all shipping information. Click here for tips on  How to Pack and Ship a FluteCheck out our current listing of preowned instruments!

Feel free to contact us with any questions at 818.549.4177 or via email

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