How to Pack & Ship

How to Pack & Ship

How to Safely Pack and Ship a Flute 

USE A STRONG BOX - Whenever possible, use a new or gently used box. The more times a box is used, the more it loses its original protective qualities, so an excessively used box may not adequately protect your shipment. If you are reusing a box, make sure it is rigid and in excellent condition with no punctures, tears, rips or corner damage, and that all flaps are intact. Remove any labels and all previous shipment markings from the box.

BOX SIZE - Flutacious! recommends using a box that is at least the following dimensions: 
Length 20 inches - Width 6 inches - Height 6 inches. *Remember that Air shipments are based on dimensional weight and not actual, so don't use a box that is too large - it will cost a lot more to ship! 

SECURE FLUTE IN CASE - Make sure that the Flute is not moving inside its hard case. Place a polishing cloth or other soft material over the instrument to take up any extra space that may be allowing the Flute to move. 

WRAP FLUTE - You may wrap the hard outer case with bubble wrap or another cushioning material for added protection.

FILL BOX - Place foam or packing peanuts in the box and then place the Flute on top of this layer. Fill the remaining space with packing peanuts so that there is NO extra space for movement in the box.

SEAL & LABEL BOX - Tape the box securely and label it properly.

**Please remember to enclose your name and address inside the box, as well as a note explaining what needs to happen with your instrument!!**

SHIP VIA  A TRACKABLE SERVICE - Flutacious! recommends shipping via UPS (United Parcel Service) or FEDEX. Please do NOT send via USPS Priority Mail or Express Mail, as shipments are not easily trackable. *Please make sure your flute is insured for shipment with instrument insurance. If you have any questions please contact us! 

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