Verne Q. Powell Flutes was founded in 1927 by Verne Powell to provide professional Flutists with custom-made, precious metal instruments. Powell offers an extensive choice of Flute headjoints made in their Boston factory, including the sterling silver, Aurumite 14k and gold in four headjoint styles.

LUMINA is a fusion of the deep, rich tone of the Philharmonic cut, and the versitility of the Venti cut. It is colorful and produces a crisp, clear articulation.

PHILHARMONIC The Philharmonic has a relatively broad, flat lip plate. This headjoint produces crisp and clean articulation along with a deep, rich tone with a broad dynamic range.

SOLOIST The strength and flexibility of this headjoint allows the player to fill a hall or perform the quietest passages easily, with complete command. The slightly curved lip plate offers quick articulation and a full range of colors.

VENTI The Venti style cut was developed by Mr. Paul Edmund-Davies to mirror his experience of singing in a cathedral choir. This headjoint has a taller riser which creates an excellent depth of sound through all three octaves.

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Powell Headjoints | Silver
Powell Headjoints | Aurumite 9k
Powell Headjoints | Aurumite 14k
Powell Headjoints | Ruby Aurumite

Powell Headjoints | Ruby Aurumite

Includes a 14k Gold lip and riser with with Ruby Aurumite 14k tubing Ruby Aurumite features 14k..

Powell Headjoints | 9K Rose Gold
Powell Headjoints | 10K Yellow Gold
Powell Headjoints | 14k Rose Gold
Powell Headjoints | 18k Rose Gold
Powell Headjoints | 19.5K Rose Gold
Powell Headjoints | Platinum

Powell Headjoints | Platinum

Powel's Platinum Headjoint features a 10k Yellow Gold Lip and Riser and Crown. Upgrade to a Pla..

Powell Headjoints | Grenadilla
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