Flute Music

Flute Music

Last Resort Music and Flutacious! are sister companies!!  Last Resort Music publishes nearly 20,000 solo, duet, trio, quartet and flute choir arrangements, available both digitally and in print.  Here are links to our most popular products!!

Last Resort Music Home

Flute Solos, available both in Print and Digital!

Flute Duets, both in Print and Digital.

Duets for Flutes and Other Instruments!

Trios for 2 Flutes and Alto Flute (along with alternate parts for clarinets, strings and horn!)

Music for Three, which includes flexible instrumentation for strings, keyboards and clarinets.

Music for Three Single Titles!!

Intermediate Music for Three, a trio series that is slightly easier than Music for Three!

Music for Four Flutes (including parts for Alto Flute and Bass Flute!)

Music for Four, which includes flexible instrumentation for strings, keyboards and clarinets, and horn!

Music for Four Single Titles!

Intermediate Music for Four, a series that is a touch easier than Music for Four but has even more instrumental flexibility!

Woodwind Quintet

Flute Choir, though this category features solely Christmas music for now.

Last Resort Music (as you can see!) offers a veritable treasure trove of solos, duets, trios, quartets, quintets and flute choirs.  From Sacred music to wedding standards, Christmas favorites through Jewish and Klezmer music, Baroque and Classical music through light pop, all of Last Resort Music's publications hew to the very highest standards of arranging.

Enjoy the music!  And as a Flutacious! bonus, feel free to use the discount code FLUT2024 for 12% off of ALL Last Resort Music orders!

You may also call Flutacious! at 818-549-4177 to order your music over the phone!!

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