Piccolo Flag Fixed Length

Piccolo Flag Fixed Length

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Piccolo Flag Fixed Length

Made of an absorbent micro fiber, this fixed length piccolo flag helps to quickly and effectively remove the condensation from the piccolo bore all of the way up to and including the cork face. Dry that bore without removing the head joint and with no need to change the head joint location/adjustment. Simply insert the flag while twisting into the bottom of your piccolo and give it an additional twist or two, remove and the task is done! Handle is made of black carbon fiber composite material - lightweight and hard to break! Made and designed by Roger Holman.

Dimensions: 14" Long 

Various Colors available to fit all styles! 

Washing Instructions: All of these Flag swabs can and should be hand washed (the fabric portion only) in a gentle liquid dish washing detergent solution (make certain that suds show throughout the fabric), rinsed and then air dried.  The swabs are most effective when they are clean.  If your swab fails to properly absorb water, then it does need washing, even if it is new.  Washing the fabric of a new swab helps activate the absorbency of the fabric.  These swabs should not be stored in temperatures higher than 120 Degrees F.  The take-down swab handles should not be exposed to excessive lateral forces, i.e., bending. 


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