Burkart 595 Elite #858

Burkart 595 Elite #858

Product Code:Burkart 595 Elite | PO23-17
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Burkart 595 Elite #858 | Preowned

This is a stunning Burkart 595 Flute! This 5-95 alloy is 95% silver and 5% platinum, the suggestion of platinum adding both dimension and shimmer to the flute sound. Also featuring the perfect options - Offset G and C# trill - this flute is a must-have at a great price! 

5-95 Platinum Enhanced Silver body
Sterling silver mechanism
Soldered tone holes
.016 tubing body 
Open Hole (French)
French pointed key arms
Pinless Micro-link mechanism
G disk | Low B footjoint
White gold springs
Burkart Professional Scale A=442
Newly overhauled! 

This flute sells new for almost $21,000!