Powell Conservatory Aurumite 9k

Powell Conservatory Aurumite 9k

Powell Conservatory Aurumite 9k

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Powell Handmade Conservatory | Aurumite 9k

The Verne Q. Powell Handmade Conservatory features a beautiful Aurumite 9k headjoint and body with a fabulous sterling silver pinless mechanism.  This Boston-made Flute combines the quality and history of one of America's oldest Flute companies with modern technology.  Aurumite 9k is a layered metal designed by Powell Flutes that fuses an outside 9k gold layer with an inside layer of sterling silver.  This addition of 9k gold gives this Flute a smooth and rich low range and a colorful high range.  The Powell Aurumite 9k is an outstanding choice for all Flutists! 

Aurumite 9k custom headjoint 
Aurumite 9k body
Sterling silver mechanism
Drawn tone holes
Pinless mechanism
.016" tubing
Open Hole (French)
French pointed key arms
Low B footjoint

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Choose either Inline G or Offset G
Choice of headjoint styles
Optional Split E mechanism
Optional C# Trill