Almeida Custom #341

Almeida Custom #341

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Edward Almeida #341 | Preowned

This beautiful Almeida Flute is a fine hand-crafted instrument with a gorgeous, rich sound. Edward Almeida is an intrinsic part of the historical legacy of Boston Flutemaking. He apprenticed with Verne Q. Powell beginning in 1948 and was employed at the factory until 1960 when he was invited to become a co-owner. As a boutique Flutemaker, the Almeida Flute was introduced in 1969 and each Flute is a distinctive example of the exquisite craftsmanship of the Boston Flute family.  This is a rare find! 

Sterling silver headjoint and body
Sterling siver mechanism
Soldered tone holes
Inline G | 
Low B Footjoint
One owner | Excellent condition
Newly serviced

This flute would sell new for over $17,000!