Haynes #53361 14K Gold Custom

Haynes #53361 14K Gold Custom

Product Code:Haynes Custom #53361 - Preowned PO22-25
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Haynes 14K Gold Custom #53361 - Preowned

This gorgeous 14k Gold Haynes is an absolute gem! With 14k gold tone holes and a Split E, plus a 19.5k gold headjoint with platinum riser, this flute is sure to dazzle! 

14K Gold Body with Sterling Silver Keys
Soldered Tone Holes 
14K Gold Tone Holes
Offset G
Split E mechanism
Pinless Mechanism
Low B Footjoint
19.5K Rose Gold headjoint with Platinum riser
Meticulously maintained - Beautiful Condition!
*Also available without a headjoint as a body only* Please call! 

This flute purchased new is over $37,000!