Haynes Handmade | 19.5K Gold

Haynes Handmade | 19.5K Gold

Haynes Handmade | 19.5K Gold

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Haynes Handmade | 19.5k Gold 

The Wm. S. Haynes Custom Flte is the pinnacle of American craftsmanship.   Each Flute is carefully built and designed to exacting specifications and displays the beautiful warmth and sweetness of sound that is the essence of Haynes.  The 19.5k Gold tubing gives an added dimension of depth and and color to the already gorgeous Haynes Flute sound.  This handcrafted instrument features a wide choice of features and beautiful headjoint styles. 

19.5k Gold custom headjoint 
19.5k Gold body
Sterling silver mechanism
Soldered tone holes
Open Hole (French)
French pointed key arms
Low B footjoint

Choose the following options with the checkboxes above!

•Choose either Inline G or Offset G
•Choice of several headjoint upgrades
•Optional High E upgrade: G disc or Split E mechanism
•Optional C# Trill
Optional D# Roller