Powell Custom Aurumite 14k #7947

Powell Custom Aurumite 14k #7947

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Powell Handmade Custom #7947 | Aurumite 14k

The Aurumite 14k Powell Flute #7947 is a stunning instrument, crafted with precision and artistry. Made from Aurumite, a unique alloy of gold and silver, this flute produces a rich, resonant tone that captivates audiences and players alike. The 14k gold content adds warmth and depth to the sound, while the silver provides clarity and projection, creating a harmonious balance across the instrument's entire range.

Aurumite 14k headjoint and body
Sterling silver mechanism
Soldered tone holes
Open Hole | French pointed key arms
Inline G | Low B Footjoint
D# Roller
Powell Scale A=442
Synthetic Pads
Headjoint style: Boston/Soloist 
14k Gold riser
Made in 1989
One owner | Newly serviced
Excellent condition 

This flute would sell new for over $25,000!