Almeida Custom #492

Almeida Custom #492

Product Code:Almeida Custom #492 | Preowned PO22-18
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Almeida Custom #492 (Body Only) | Preowned

This beautiful silver flute is a distinctive example of the exquisite craftsmanship of Edward Almeida, a boutique Flutemaker. Almeida apprenticed with Verne Q. Powell beginning in 1948 and was employed at the factory until 1960 when he was invited to become co-owner. Newly overhauled and in great condition, this fine hand-crafted instrument is ready to be paired with the headjoint of your choosing!  

Sterling Silver Body
.014" Tubing
Soldered Tone Holes 
Offset G 
Low B footjoint 
Split E Mechanism
Open Hole 
French Pointed Key Arms
Newly overhauled with Synthetic Pads! 

This flute would sell new for over $16,000!