Amadeus AF900 | Preowned

Amadeus AF900 | Preowned

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Amadeus AF900

The Amadeus AF900 by Wm. S. Haynes is the perfect Intermediate Flute and is comparable to the current AF780!  It features drawn tone holes, a Sterling silver headjoint and body, and a silverplated mechanism. This preowned model is a great find and sports a 14k Gold Riser for added dimension and warmth.

Sterling silver headjoint + body
Silverplated mechanism
.016" tubing 
Open Hole (French) | Pointed Key Arms
Offset G | Low B footjoint 
Wm. S. Haynes Classic Headjoint
14k Gold riser
Excellent Condition | One owner
Recently maintained! 

This flute would sell new for over $3,600!