Haynes Commercial #11975

Haynes Commercial #11975

Product Code:Haynes Haynes Commercial #11975 | Preowned PO23-15
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Haynes Commercial #11975 | Preowned

This Commercial model Flute by Wm. S. Haynes features a C# Trill! With drawn tone holes, a low C foot, and an offset G, this is a lovely example of 1931 Haynes craftsmanship!

Sterling Silver Headjoint, Body and Mechanism
Drawn tone holes
Plateau (Closed Hole) keys
Offset G
Low C Footjoint
C# Trill
Bb Lever + C# Trill Lever *note! These levers are in the opposite position from a modern flute!
Newly Maintained

This flute would sell new for over $10,000!