Powell 2100 #21-3553

Powell 2100 #21-3553

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Powell 2100 #21-3553 | Preowned

This is a fabulous example of Powell craftsmanship! Developed in the 1990s, the Powell 2100 was the extension of the Powell Commercial model series, and is the predecessor to the current Conservatory model. The Powell 2100 is an all-silver handmade flute, with a great response and terrific low range. 

Sterling silver headjoint, body and mechanism
Drawn tone holes
.016" tubing with a .014" headjoint
Offset G | Low B footjoint
Open Hole (French)
French pointed key arms | A=442
Philharmonic style headjoint "P"
Made in 2001
Recently maintained | One owner
Excellent condition! 

This flute would sell new for over $12,000!