Haynes 14K Galway Edition

Haynes 14K Galway Edition

Product Code:Haynes #1001 14K Galway Edition - Preowned PO23-22
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Haynes 14K Gold Galway Edition No. 1 | Preowned

This is a unique, limited edition Haynes flute, designed to celebrate Sir James Galway. Featuring the Galway logo, this Galway edition No. 1 is a one-of-a-kind instrument that plays likes a dream!

-14K Gold body and mechanism
-19.5k Gold Headjoint with 18k Gold riser 
-Soldered tone holes 
-Inline G | C# Trill    
-Galway Edition - No. 1
-Low B footjoint | Made in 2010
-Meticulously maintained - Excellent Condition!
-One owner

This flute would sell new for over $58,300!