Sempre|Flute Tarnish Savers

Sempre|Flute Tarnish Savers

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Sempre|Flute Tarnish Savers protect your flute from tarnishing right in your flute case. The combination of our premium Artist Series cotton and anti-tarnish treated fabric creates an innovative way to protect your flute from tarnishing while you aren't even playing! 

How Tarnish Savers work:
Silver tarnish is created when the metal is exposed to sulfur-containing gases from the environment, the metal erodes and oxidizes creating dark discoloration when in contact with these gasses. The anti-tarnish treated cotton absorbs the sulfur compounds that cause tarnishing right in your flute case. 
You may notice that the Tarnish Savers do not cover the entire surface area of the flute. But this isn't necessary due to the exact reasons above! The Tarnish Saver's purpose is to absorb those unsavory sulfur gases that discolor your instrument--it does not need to be in physical contact with every part of the instrument to be effective. 

Dimensions are approx. 8"x2" (20cm x 5cm). Materials: 50% cotton (recycled Artist Series fabric), 50% anti-tarnish treated cotton flannel. Fabric tag is a synthetic blend between cotton and polyester. Handmade in California, USA.

Care instructions: DO NOT WASH!! Iron to remove wrinkles. Replace as necessary.

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