LeFreque Sound Bridge 33mm Gold Plated

LeFreque Sound Bridge 33mm Gold Plated

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LeFreque Sound Bridge 33mm Gold Plated Red Brass

LefreQue is a revolutionary sound bridge that acoustically connects the sections of your wind instrument, combining the benefits of both. The result is an unequaled improvement of your sound quality: purer overtones, accurate tuning, clear response, smooth intervals, extended dynamics, and surround projection.

From a sound quality perspective, the "tube" of a wind instrument would ideally exist as one piece. For practical reasons (tuning, transport, technical constraints), modern wind instruments consist of at least 2 or 3 different sections or joints. The LefreQue is a bridge that is built up by two metal elements that will restore the sound breaches that occur on different parts of a wind instrument.  The LefreQue is "installed" on an instrument using a specially designed elastic band. No alterations are needed on the instrument. 

Saxophone and flute player Hans Kuijt first invented the LefreQue for the saxophone, being unsatisfied with the sound quality of even the very best instruments. He concluded that all connections between the different parts of a wind instrument had a negative influence on the sound quality and tuning of the tone.

Finding that the invention worked perfectly on all types of saxophone Hans decided to use the LefreQue on his flutes and piccolo. The LefreQue essentially fixes the sound breach created at headjoint/body connection as well as the body/footjoint connection.